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We are a global provider of round-the-clock editing services for newspapers, online news agencies, authors, scientists, students, medical researchers, doctors, government departments, armed forces, educators.

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We provide subediting for newspapers, both mainstream and financial. We can take over the entire operations of the desk at a newspaper and offer centralised subediting, and will ensure that the final product is perfect.


Book editing

We provide expert editing of books on any topic. Our unique selling proposition is that we will even guide authors if you want, we will be there through the whole process so that further revisions are kept to minimum level, saving you money and time.

Customised Content

We can customise your content so that your website, blog or article stands out among the crowd. You can rest assured that there will be no embarrassing spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in whatever you offer to the public.


Real Estate Consulting

We provide analytical and well researched articles, whitepapers and social media posts in the field of urban property and city management. We organise webinars and provide data based consulting on urban issues relating to the governance and real estate


Video Content Marketing

We provide original video content relating to property markets and city governance. Come here to listen to the experts debate on policies, legal and financial issues, and consumer challenges. You will also learn how tech solutions are changing cities.


Web Development & Content Creation

We can create web pages that stand out among your peers and we will tailor them to your requirements and your budget.  We can also create content on varied topics and and manage it as well so that your page is frequently updated with fresh content. 

Featured Columns

Property Decoded
Real Estate

Real estate and construction accounts for 9-12% of India\s GDP and is the second largest employer. As urbanisation scales up from 35-50%, it could account for over 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025. We shine the spotlight on the problems of this industry, the range of solutions through policies, legal interventions and even best practices. The business is so local that there is no one size fits all solution.

City Matters
Urban Governance

Data evolved as a viable solution to  Covid management in Indian cities.  Data and grids allow all players to check the efficacy of solutions.  Join us as we travel through states and cities highlighting problems and solutions, shining the spotlight on case studies of solutions that work, talking to problem solvers and touching base with citizenry..

Science Whisperer

Science is not the province of nerds any more. Science is fun, science is wonderful and science is fascinating. We decode the world of science, we make it cool. We will take game design, we will talk AI, we will talk virus, we will talk botany, zoology and physics.

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