Property Decoded

Real estate and construction accounts for 9-12% of India\s GDP and is the second largest employer. As urbanisation scales up from 35-50%, it could account for over 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025. We shine the spotlight on the problems of this industry, the range of solutions through policies, legal interventions and even best practices. The business is so local that there is no one size fits all solution.

Developers bank on GDP growth to push future home sales..

Mumbai builders are queuing up to take advantage of the development premium discount offered by the state government. Industry leaders talk to E Jayashree Kurup that they are confident this large volume of stock, which will hit the market in the next 3-4 years, will continue to fly off the shelves ..

Call in the home inspectors!..

E JAYASHREE KURUP speaks to experts on why this has helped in upgrading the quality of the asset. RERA too mandates that developers must adhere to a five-year defect liability period for structure and services…

India’s health infrastructure will benefit from pandemic legacy..

More ICU beds, better hospital penetration at the district level across the country, focus on decentralised medical education, holistic views of supplies of oxygen, equipment and trained manpower, the Covid has pushed India to increase allocations by 137%. E Jayashree Kurup speaks to doctors across ..

With 11-12% vacancy, commercial office builders bank on future promise..

Despite the fact that many large format clients in the IT hubs of Bengaluru and Pune have held onto the office spaces and even met their rental commitments, in most major cities 2-2.5 million sq ft of commercial office space has been given up, pushing vacancy rates to 11-12%, since the pandemic lockdowns began. E Jayashree Kurup delves deeper into this crisis

Easy finance is the key to the success of affordable housing in India..

The Pradhan Matri Awas Yojana (PMAY), launched in 2015, was a promise to provide every Indian family a roof over its head before 2022, the 75th year of Indian Independence. Problems of timely completion, location and price as well as product price notwithstanding, PMAY has brought the largest bank of affordable homes into the urbanscape in Independent India…

How upcoming infra kept residential real estate markets going during Covid..

As the centre promised Rs 102 lakh crore infusion in infrastructure over the next five years and states push project completion to get the economy back on rails, new localities across cities see a fresh interest from end user buyers. Good planning and research can help maximise these gains, says E Jayashree Kurup..

REIT, fractional ownership gaining momentum in commercial space..

Indian REITs are primarily skewed toward IT-occupied assets. As the government prepares to disinvest in different classes of assets, these funds would gain more traction and REITs can become more broad-based, finds E Jayashree Kurup…

Impact of SWAMIH funds in completing stuck projects..

Project delay is most common problem in India among mid and small builders. The lockdown situation across the nation made it difficult for developers to meet the project completion deadlines. However, as the market started opening, it is time for the real estate sector to make that giant leap towards making solid efforts in meeting the project completion deadlines..

Going green: Fast becoming a necessity..

If you were told that going green would help you save money – read a lot of money, chances are you wouldn’t believe it. And those of you who do, would want to know how. Going green is no longer just a choice made by a few environmentally-conscious persons. It has become a necessity believes E Jayashree Kurup

Developers encash rising demand for plots, led by soaring IT salaries..

The demand for plots across premier cities in India is soaring. The demand is largely driven by the wider acceptance of work from anywhere culture. Moreover, technological advancements have enabled sales of properties worldwide and enhanced the income generation ability of such properties, says E Jayashree Kurup

RBI stance keeps affordability going in residential real estate..

Affording a home has become easier than it ever was. In the past two years, property prices across India have remained the same. With the government focusing on the housing sector through the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), the housing sector is witnessing a boom and would further witness growth in the near future, says E Jayashree Kurup

Is debt in real estate a bad thing?..

Over the past few months, there have been announcements by various real estate companies that they are debt free or are on a timeline to reduce debt. From DLF to the Hawelia and Omaxe groups and many more have announced that they would reduce debt, finds E Jayashree Kurup

CAG’s Noida report highlights urgent need for city audits to check massive corruption in land allotment

The Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) audit report of the Noida Authority’s process of acquiring land and allotting it for development is a case study on how everything can go wrong if rules are not created, implemented or relaxed. Basic planning principles were ignored as a clutch of officials wantonly flouted every rule.